Sci-Fi- entertainment or something more

We watch sci fi because we like aliens and space and ray guns and how it takes us to where no man has gone before. However, beyond all the effects and spaceships, there is always something hidden underneath, something more like a message or a warning or even a dream. When you see Star Wars you immediately think lightsabers and Darth Vader but u sometimes don’t notice bits of history or fables that it relates back to. The colors of the empire and their uniforms represent that of the nazis and it’s rise to power, while the idea of Luke mastering the lightsaber can be compared to King Arthur and Excaliber. All in all Star Wars is the tale of good vs evil in a galaxy far far away. However there are other examples of sci fi and it’s messages towards us, like Robocop and the message of how much machine wears to ourselvess before we become more man than machine or how Terminator gives us a glimpse of what might happen should machines become stronger than man. The tv series Star Trek was itself a vision of society after it has moved past disease and prejudice and conflict with each other, showing us what we can do if we can all get along. All in all sci fi is more than entertainment: it can be philosophical and full of wisdom that we can only see if we look hard enough.

Thanks for listening!


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